Happy New Year! We hope you are having a wonderful start to 2016 and wish you the best for the New Year.

Over the past few months we've been working hard to bring the DosaMaker to your home, and moving forward we want to keep you updated on our progress. So we will now post blog updates about the DosaMaker manufacturing process whenever we reach new milestones, or run into challenges that may delay our progress. Our goal with these blog posts is to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the DosaMaker is being manufactured and show you that we're fully committed to bringing a high-quality DosaMaker to your home as soon as possible.

After successfully completing our Kickstarter Campaign in September we started preparing for mass production. The process to mass produce the DosaMaker involves many steps, and we're working closely with a number of different manufacturing partners and suppliers. Our first step was to finalize the tooling/molds required to produce the custom DosaMaker parts. During this time we also worked with vendors that are supplying us with parts - such as our custom precision temperature sensors and our nonstick coating - to make sure they have the correct specifications to build our parts and materials.

After getting all of our parts and materials ready, our factory partner produced a pilot production run of DosaMakers. To evaluate this pilot production run and meet our suppliers, we visited China before the Christmas holidays. Here is a recap of what we accomplished:

1) Evaluated DosaMakers to test function and build quality:

Arvind Testing DosaMakers

Arvind Testing DosaMaker Build Quality

2) Visited our nonstick coating supplier to evaluate the DosaMaker cooking plates and learn about some new improvements they can make to the coating formula:

Meeting nonstick coating supplier

3)Built and tested equipment that will be used to test the temperature controller circuit before it is installed into the DosaMaker:

Temperature Controller Test Equipment

4) Evaluated the assembly of DosaMakers during a trial production run:

Evaluating DosaMaker assembly on the production line

DosaMakers after completing our evaluation

After 10 very busy days we were able to accomplish everything we planned to. Overall, we were pleased with the progress that the factory has made, but we did unfortunately discover a few things that we need to address before we can start mass production. These include:

1) The unique curved design of the DosaMaker makes it difficult for the production line workers to hold the DosaMaker steady during assembly, as there are no flat edges on the product. We need to build fixtures that the DosaMaker can be placed in before the worker performs their assembly task.

2) When producing the molded parts for our pilot production run, the factory discovered that they need to make a modification to the mold used to produce the bottom housing. This modification must be made before we start mass production to ensure that the bottom housing will be consistently made to our quality standards.

3) During our visit to our nonstick coating supplier, we learned about an improvement they can make to the nonstick coating formula that will improve the nonstick properties and durability of the coating. We will need some time to test this coating - so we can ensure that we're providing you with best possible coating for your DosaMaker - and our supplier needs time to produce the quantity we require for mass production.

For us to meet our original schedule and deliver DosaMakers to customers in March/April 2016 we needed to finish the above and have DosaMakers manufactured, QC tested, and shipped to us by January 29th, as Chinese New Year Holiday is on February 8th, 2016. Chinese New Year Holiday is a major 1 week holiday in China and factories typically shut down a week before the holiday (to allow their employees to travel home) and only reopen the week after the holiday (to give their employees time to return to the factory). Our factory partner has informed us that they will be closed from Jan 30th to February 22nd.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to finish all of these tasks by January 29th. The good news is we were able to finish the tasks we needed to address before we can start production, and we're now waiting for our suppliers to send us the updated parts and materials we need for mass production. Our new plan is to receive all of the parts before Chinese New Year Holiday begins, so we can start mass production as soon as the factory ramps back up in February. Our factory partner should be able to finish production in March and ship DosaMakers to us in late March/early April, so we can deliver the DosaMaker to you in June.

We know how excited you are to have the DosaMaker in your home, and we deeply appreciate your patience and support to help us launch our product. As we gain more information we will provide you with an update.

If you have any questions please email us at hello@soulofindiacooking.com. For pictures and updates on what's happening at Soul of India Cooking Co. follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you again for your support!

Arvind + Soul of India Cooking Co. Team